Kirigami said that paper cuts or Jianzhi are one of the leading traditional Chinese folk arts. This is extensively used in gift cards, festivals, window decorations, and ceremonies. Kirigami includes folding and cutting the flat objects into 3D shapes. 

Presently, the ancient technology of this art has been used in different technology and scientific, including designs for micro/nanoelectromechanical system, solar arrays, and biomedical devices. From the Institute of physics Dr. LI Jiafang, who is the professor of Chinese Academy of sciences has now formed an international group to use kirigami techniques to the latest 3D nanofabrication. The traditional Chinese design called pulling flower has inspired by the team, and they created a direct nano-kirigami method to work at the nanoscale with flat films. They used a focused ion beam to cut the pattern in a free-standing gold nanofilm. This Nanopattern slowly converts into a 3D shape complex design. 

Various vacancies absorbed the implanted ions and the pulling forces during FIB irradiation within the gold nanofilm. The 3D shape transformations were precisely achieved by utilizing the topography-guided stress equilibrium. This latest nano-kirigami technique can be implemented to perform various types of optical functions. 

The team introduced a 3D pinwheel kind of structure with a large optical chirality. The circularly polarized light and strong uniaxial visual rotation effects in the wavelength of telecommunication. This way the team demonstrated the connection between nanophotonics and nanomechanics. This will give a new idea of kirigami research. 

The group developed a dynamic theoretical model at the time of nano-kirigami fabrication. Since this allowed the researchers to developed nano-geometries which is based on optical functionalities. Previous research relied on intuitive designs. If you see regarding geometric design, nano-kirigami provides a smart 3D nanofabrication technique beyond traditional self-assembly techniques of non-fabrication. This concept can be extended to widen non-fabrication platforms and could get the complex optical nanostructure for computation, sensing and micro/nano biomedical devices and electromechanical system. 

This latest technology will give a new dimension to introduce Kirigami, and this cut can be done with the technique. The ancient Chinese art plays a significant role in designing Kirigami. The nanoelectromechanical technology provides cutting the objects which are flat and give the 3D shape of it by this method. This is an excellent method and smart to do this into various 3D forms without using any knife/scissors.