In this world, protective technology was already invented to avoid various troubles. However, it also has its limitations. Thus it may lead to more serious trouble. The United States of America conducted a test at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California last Tuesday. The purpose of the latter test is to protect America from ballistic missiles. 

On the other hand, experts say that having a missile defense system is not advisable since it can even shoot down the satellites of other countries. Although missile defense system is a great idea to protect a country from nuclear tensions, it can also ruin other countries important satellites. 

With the use of a rocket engine, the ballistic missile navigates in space before releasing a warhead that falls to its target under the force of gravity. Currently, some experiments of country’s system can hit or miss the target. It was the reason why it is not totally advisable for a country’s protection.  

In history, the United States had shot down one of its satellites way back in 2008 that result in malfunctioning. Meanwhile, China had destructed one of its fleets, way back in 2007. To sum it up, if other countries continue to set up their missile defense system, it will probably result in space warfare. 

Missile defense system comes with anti-satellite implications. It may damage GPS satellites that are essential services. In a study from National Research Council in 2012, scientific studies revealed that space missile defense system is also impractical and very expensive. But, some political community still pushes this kind of project. 

According to US President Donald Trump, his national strategy emphasizes that space is a war-fighting domain just like air, land, and sea. Theodore Postol, an MIT physicist and missile defense researcher, has a different idea in defending America at least from North Korea. He added in the news conference that a drone could be used above the waters of the North Korea that can carry an interceptor which can shoot down a missile in the early stage of flight. 

The missile system can prevent problems and issues of decoys by simply shooting down a missile. However, the said project will only be achieved through tested and proven technology. To sum it up, missile defense system is not totally safe to protect the country from nuclear tensions. Thus it can shoot down other countries satellites.