General John Raymond says, “There is a strategic alignment of resources and leadership.” 

According to the senior military officer, for the people who have already been away and don’t serve the national security space business for a long time, and is now decided to make a grand come back, will not recognize the value of the thought. In the past months only, the administration of Trump had made space their top concern for national security, and the rhetoric is followed by the larger budgets. 

“This is the right time for the historic change,” said General John Raymond, an Air Force commander in the Space Command. 

General Raymond said in the keynote speech last Tuesday for the 34th Space Symposium that he sees the unprecedented high focus on space and the space-friendly budgets. This is a great time for a never-before alliance between the intelligence community and military on space modernization projects and strategies to compete against the growing space powers such as China and Russia.  

“There is a strategic alignment of resources and leadership,” he said. The collaborations of the military with the National Reconnaissance Office helps give us a better and vivid understanding of the potential threats, as well as the implications brought by these threats. A new operation concept we had written with NRO had provided us sheet music on the idea of how we can take ourselves to the battle and fight to win it. We make the bold shifts towards the war fighting, as well as in space superiority.”

The Space Commands had a plan to expand the frequency of the “Space Flag” exercise, and this could become three-folds by this time. Many efforts are ramped up regarding education and training regarding the space operations according to Gen. Raymond. The significant accomplishments, according to him are made possible with the help of the budgets that are very accommodating to space.  

General John Hyten, one of the members of the national space security’ best-know champion summed up the remarks on Tuesday and said:

“Here in the Space Symposium, you are given a great chance to see the US vice president, the commerce secretary, the NASA’s acting administrator, and the NRO director in less than 24 hours. Among these, one of the most fantastic things you have seen is you had witnessed the alignment of the purpose, the alignment of leadership, and the alignment of vision.