Students from Texas, Michigan, and Maryland will be talking to the astronauts on the International Space Station as part of the NASA’s Year of Education in Station. Ricky, Arnold, Scott Tingle and Drew Feustel will be answering the questions about life in the International Space Station, conducting science in space and the in-depth exploration of NASA.

During the said interview of the students, the life on the International Space Station, working and researching will be discussed, as well. An air live coverage on the NASA television will be aired on the TV and the agency’s website. The first event will connect Feustel and Arnold with the students of Lake Orion High School and Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills, in Michigan. The targeted venue of is at the Oakland Community College. 

The second event will allow the students from the school of Brookwood in Houston to talk with Tingle and Arnold in connection with the Brookwood school’s fair. The third link of the students with the astronauts will be the students from the South River High School in Maryland. The students of the said school will enjoy the whole day activities, which will focus on the theme, “NASA has something for all.” For all the interested media, they are advised to contact the NASA personnel. This event will take place in Edgewater, Maryland. 

The partnership of the teachers with the astronauts and to the International Space Station provides authentic, unique and once in a lifetime experience for students and will design student’s performance, interest and learning in technology, science, mathematics, and engineering. Teachers of the different schools also stated their most profound gratitude to all the NASA’s International Space Station astronauts who will give the link to their students.

This in-flight educational link is a very vital component of the NASA’s Year of Education on Station. This event will provide opportunities to both educators and students and extensive hands-on related resources to them. Astronauts will also communicate with their co-astronauts living in space with their Mission Control Center.

As an addition, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut and Feustel will take part a Facebook live coverage of question and answer session on their International Space Station Facebook account. Feustel will also continue talking with Matt Musil, the KHOU-TV sports anchor. The event will air on both the agency’s website and NASA TV.