Due to the high emission of methane gas on earth, a new satellite meant to attract methane discharge is on the verge to be launched in 2021. Methane gas is produced by microorganisms living in a particular habitat and it is one of the criteria used to affirm the existence of life on other unusual habitats away from the earth.

This gas can be harmful to the ecosystem. This has brought about the need to come up with effective way to deal with the release of the gas especially from oil, gas fields, agriculture and natural sources. An organization from the environment department has disclosed its strategy to observe a powerful green house gas from space. Its aim being to investigate methane gas with an outstanding accuracy.

A scientist by the name Steven Hamburg says that this gas can heat up as the other gases like carbon dioxide. He quoted that methane is a strong green house gas and it is responsible for the extra warming we encounter today.

Methane escapes from oil and gas actions.  Plantations also trigger methane as well as natural wetlands. Keeping a trail of this gas can be tricky as it rises and distributes from the source. MethaneSAT satellite is a craft that would trace the gas in a unique way. It will be able to identify where the gas is emitting from and the quantity that is spreading universe. This will help the scientist to know where the problem lies.

The satellite is due to be launched three years from now. It will have the size of a beer keg. Philanthropists will be the main sponsors to fund the project. Since current satellites that measures methane discharge are non reliable, MethaneSAT would serve the purpose and be able to render the information more correctly. 

Suspected companies that emit this gas will have to find proper ways to leak the gas out. Although this satellite may not really detect the exact company that leaks the gas, it is able to tell the region where methane gas is being generated in high levels and eventually know the exact location though the information that would have collected from the analysis.

Environmental organization have made it their concern to help in controlling the rate at which methane gas is spreading across the globe through the use of the reliable but yet to put into work MethaneSAT satellite. This would be a space craft that would be of great importance to the world that we are living.