Recent explorations and efforts of science have progressed to an implausible extent. Even the most unimaginable things are transforming into a real one with the help of scientific boon. And when it is space science, then every piece of discovery is taking us aback. However, a part of news has surfaced recently, and it claims that some breathtaking steps are going to take place.

The entire concept is pretty bold, and that may change the path of space exploration. The theme encompasses numbers of ideas that start from latest drones to space houses. 

Well, it has been an old piece of information that CURIOSITY, a venture from NASA, failed to create an expected impression. Even after traveling for six long years it did not cross twelve miles of distance on the surface of MARS. 

So the space station has evolved some new ideas, and that includes the concept of Mars Helicopter. Mars Helicopter, a little self-ruling rotorcraft, will go with the organization’s Mars 2020 mission as an exhibit test of heavier-than-air vehicles on Mars. In any case, heavier-than-air has an altogether different significance on Mars, which has a much lower air thickness than Earth. 

In any case, the Mars Helicopter isn’t the main venturesome idea for space investigation. It’s not by any means the central automaton bound to investigate a different universe. The Mars Helicopter will be a ‘high hazard’ try joined to the stomach of the Mars 2020 wanderer, which is required to leave Earth in July in the year of 2020 and achieve Mars in February of the year 2021. 

It’s just a month-long test, to incorporate up to five flights from three meters to up to a couple of hundred meters, and only for in the vicinity of thirty and ninety seconds. On the off chance that it functions admirably, it could rapidly turn into a standard-issue instrument on Mars missions. 

While flying in the thin air of Mars is a sure specialized test, the same is indeed not valid for NASA’s other proposed exploratory helicopter. 

A contender inside NASA’s New Frontiers Program, Dragonfly, will have no inconvenience at all keeping light in the thick air in Titan, where even a human could fly just by fluttering their arms. As said before, apart from this there are too many things are going to happen recently making us jaw-dropped. One of it is a fully modular space station. Aurora Station will have six individuals all the while, including two group individuals. Once up there, space visitors will get the opportunity to see the Northern Lights and the Southern Lights through the space station’s numerous windows.