Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft (MMS) of NASA has detected the magnetic activity in the surrounding near Earth in a new way. The high-energy particles have surrounded the planet, and these are protective magnetic field deflected by the magnetosphere. When Earth’s magnetic field absorbs the energy, it can endanger the astronauts, spacecraft and satellites in space. This process is called a magnetic connection, and it occurs in a calm condition. This is commonly observed in the earth’s magnetosphere.

According to Tai Phan, who is the lead author of the study and a senior fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, said there are two essential phenomena in the plasma universe, one is turbulence, and another one is magnetic reconnection. He further added that these discoveries bridge the two processes.

However, according to the previous statement, researchers were not sure about the magnetic reconnection could occur in the magnetosheath. In the year 2015, NASA’s MMS had launched four similar satellites that orbit as a pyramid rotation near the earth. The satellites are specially designed to capture more magnetic reconnection view than earlier spacecraft could give. According to the study, which was published by the journal “Nature” on May 9, said that the new 3D observations, which is captured by MMS, shows magnetic reconnection differently in the magnetosheath. 

In fact, the turbulence particles move very fast, which could not be captured by MMS instruments. Considering to this, the researchers developed fast plasma investigation, which could able to gather new data field from the magnetosheath and also would provide a better understanding about the turbulence reconnection and how it works in the magnetic field.

One of the NASA officials said in a video that this new magnetic reconnection spans to a couple of miles while compared to standard reconnection which occurs over ten thousand miles. These smaller reactions improve particles 40 times faster than the standard reconnection. According to NASA officials, the more it’s detailed and understandable, the more are the chances of protecting the astronauts and spacecraft in the solar system.

According to Jonathan Eastwood, lecturer and co-author at Imperial College London, “the four MMS spacecraft is lucky to keep aside the reconnection site and detect the jets. In the smoking gun evidence, it is cleared, and the statement clearly stated this above.” This current news provides the details about the magnetic field occurred near the planet earth.