We all love vacations and Getaway, when you get a chance to get away from your daily busy and maybe boring life and just go somewhere quiet to unwind, relax and breathe the stress out of life. A vacation is something nobody could resists and its even mazing when you going to vacay in Space, just imagine yourself  in space where there is no commotion and your annoying friends cannot even contact you, it’s amazing just the thought of going to space. Moving from the earth to space is just as magical as it sounds. Scientist proved that human beings could live on space and this led to private companies open luxury hotel in space.

Aurora Station is the very first luxury hotel in space but Houston based Orion span is expected to launch another space hotel in the near future maybe by 2021 and is expected to start operating by 2022.with the launch of yet another luxury hotel in space the idea is to get more people to space and going to space for a vacation will be as simple as a vacation on the beach or renting a cottage in the island. But this will not be possible at the moment given that only one hotel is offering services in space which makes it more expensive to rent a room there. Although these high prices and reasonable when we are looking at the cost of communication in space, weather forecast, atmospheric research, surveillance and the entire hotel launch must have being expensive thus the high rates for the hotel rooms.

Orion span is conducting 3months training on its travelers, this is supposed to give a better understanding to the people who want to travel to space and also to make the travelers feel safer and comfortable.it is also conducting trainings for its crew members to ensure that they offer better services to the travelers. This training program is aimed to attract more travelers, it’s more like a marketing strategy after all no one want to travel all the way to space and receive disappointing services.

Orion span is also determined to launch more affordable hotels in space so that many people are able to access hotels in space. Orion span takes full responsibility to try and make space accessible to everyone by continuing to launch greater but low cost hotels that will accommodate even the average people.