This time Roscosmos can announce success – Soyuz-2.1b without Fregat-M upper stage delivered to orbit ELINT satellite, second from constellation of four replacing Tselina-2 constellation.

As payload is classified Electronic Intelligence satellite it was not announced anything about designated orbit and flight plan. It was given to public, that rocket with satellite was launched punctually at 10:43 UTC form Site 43 at Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Roscosmos announced that mission was success and satellite has new codename: Kosmos-2524 and is second operational Lotos satellite after first launched in 2014.

Just as previous operational Lotos satellite and one prototype launched in 2009, it is possible that Lotos-S1 were delivered to 200 km x 900 km orbit and later after few burns of its engine it circularize orbit to around 900 km. Lotos with Liana replaced two constellations: Tselina and upgraded Tselina-2. First was discontinued in 1994; Tselina-2 last satellite was launched in 2007.

Lotos-S1 was designed and manufactured by the TsSKB Progress with utilization of bus taken from Yantar reconnaissance satellites. Payload was provided by KB Arsenal. Satellite is powered by two deployable solar arrays.