The leading companies such as SpaceX, OneWeb, Blue Origin and Moon Express in Central Florida are looking for a new member to land any space-related jobs and be with the team. This is your chance to literally reach for the stars and the moon up there.

They are offering high-paid tech jobs and mainstream jobs, depending on your qualification and experience. Space and rocket companies are currently beginning the apprenticeship program in order to help the local students have a sustainable training for any technical positions. In fact, there are ten job positions available and they are advertised for willing applicants.

SpaceX Job Positions

SpaceX is looking for Manned Mission Engineer who will help develop the solutions in the human spaceflight operations, with a focus on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. The company is also looking for a Rocket Recovery Staff in which the position focuses on the spacecraft and rocket retrieval after the launching process. Another available position is the Engineer Payload that will to coordinate and process the payload, whatever the rocket carries into space. For the people who don’t have experience and idea in a space rocket, you can also land a job in SpaceX, as they offer a position for Barista.

OneWeb Job Positions

OneWeb offers two positions – one is the Launch Technician, who will work in the company’s new satellite factory near the Kennedy Space Center, and another position is the Satellite Intern that will be given to the engineering majors in college.

Blue Origin Job Positions

The company opens two job opportunities for the job seekers willing to be a part of their space operations. They are offering a position for the Launch Director, who will be in-charge and lead the team in the process of construction, activation, and development of the multi-million dollar launch complexes. Another position is the Payload Engineer who will work with the rocket staff and customers to get the payloads ready. 

Moon Express Job Positions

They are looking for Analyst to plan for the orbit, landing, and timing of the spacecraft. Another is the Engineer who will set up the operations supporting the company’s planned lunar lander and lunar orbiter missions.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to have a role in the development and technology of the space missions and explorations. People of Florida who have related knowledge about spacecraft can test their luck by applying to the leading space and rocket companies mentioned above. 

Picture provided by Blue Origin