CNSA launched on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017, new remote sensing satellite – Yaogan-31 (Land Surveying Satellite-1).

Launch was performed at 04:11 UTC from Launch Site 603 at LC43 Launch Complex placed at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northern China.

Long March 2D delivered to orbit, at least according to Chinese media, remote sensing satellite designed mainly for land survey and disaster monitoring. Still name of the satellite: Yaogan-31 suggests that it is another opto-electronical military reconnaissance. All launched Yaogan satellites were SAR, ELINT or optical imaging spacecrafts, first one was launched in 2006.

Satellite was made by China Association for Science and Technology and is probably equipped with three solar arrays. There are not many informations about LKW-1, stil lit is possibly high resolution imaging satellite. As orbit of satellite is known and is 489 km × 502 km, 97.46°, It is possible that this particular satellite is based on CAST2000 bus and just like many previous Yaogan series satellites weighs around 1 t.

Long March 2D is two stage LEO and SSO rocket designed in early nineties. Offers 3500 kg payload capacity for LEO and 1200 kg for SSO missions.  It is equipped with liquid fueled engines with N2O4/UDMH. First stage is equipped with four YF-21C engines generating 2961.9 kN of thrust. Second stage propulsion is combination of one YF-22C and four YF-23C with thrust at 742.04 kN. Rocket is long for 41 m with diameter at 3.35 m and weighs 223250 kg.