The long awaited Lego’s new Spaceport set is finally here with us. This Spaceport is not only awesome but it of better quality than what many of you would expect. This spaceport is made up of different little parts some of which include: a robotic arm which bears a satellite and a mobile platform to control the space shuttle among others.

There are also notable female minifigs which include astronauts, engineers and scientists bearing a small blueprint of the shuttle. According to Andrew Butler Coghill who is one of the Lego City designers and Ricco Krog who is the design director, this is a great achievement.

The Lego Spaceport with its support kits are the top and the first space-themed city sets so far in what looks like a number of years. Nothing encourages an individual than seeing the success of their project whether small or big.

Inspiration behind the new Lego City

According to the two designers who have been interviewed, creation of Lego City was majorly inspired by environment and real-life situations. They said much of their product lines have been based on things that are readily available for kids living around the world or something they will see at least once in their lifetime. These things include; a space shuttle, a fire engine or many other things that surround us in our everyday life. This is one of the unique features of this spaceport.

The new Lego City was also inspired by the strong desire of creating awesome models that will hopefully inspire kids. It was also a way of reviving their enthusiasm and building a bridge for the long time they have taken since they last had a space launch. They therefore brought a load of ideas to life that they have been itching to build.

The unique thing about the Lego city is they decided to do things differently this time. Spaceport has enabled them to build a set where they could lift off! This time round, they dialed up the science facet and focused their concentration on creating a sequence of different scenarios.

Launching a shuttle into space is not only an important achievement but it is also an exciting one. This is a fact that is obvious to us all. For that reason, the team built a mobile transport to assist them carry the shuttle to the launch floor and up into space!