Among the latest invention from NASA is TESS. It is one of the most recent space telescopes which are expanded in the form of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. This job is considered to be pretty unique in nature. The main mission of TESS is to explore the alien planets. It is a mission on which scientists were working for the last ten years. It is considered as a revolutionary step to discover some other planet which is outside the solar system and which has shown possibilities of life on them. According to the scientists in NASA, this project will throw open several options for studying such life-supporting planets.

Objectives of TESS

Sources reveal that TESS will give a wide scope of opportunities and the chance to study about different planets. The NASA people also feel that this will be a fantastic subject which can be taken up for research by the scientists in the future years to come. They will need that this study will commence a new era as far as exoplanet research is concerned. The specialty of this satellite is a bit different from other exoplanet –hunting jets. The main mission of this satellite will be to trace planets which are of equal size as that of the Earth and where there are traces of water for the purpose of tracing life on such planets.

The scientists of NASA feel that if there is a planet which is equal to the size of the Earth and that it is within the zone of the star’s habitat, there is the least chance that such planet would sustain life. However, according to NASA, they have designed TESS in such a manner that it would be able to trace such planets which are bright enough and those are in the nearby vicinity.

This satellite is scheduled to revolve for around two years in search of different supporting life the size of which may vary from Jupiter to that of the size of the Earth. One of the primary reasons for setting up this mission is to find the answer to the question which states that which of the closest neighbors do have planets.

Purpose of TESS

This mission will really help the scientists to figure if any planet closest to Earth really exists. It will also help them to study what is the atmospheric condition of that particular planet and will also ease out the condition of finding out the characteristic of their orbit.