NASA has recently released an exciting video that shows the latest information about the giant outer planet of our solar system, called Jupiter. The video with a length of five minutes shows fascinating discoveries related to Jupiter. The most exciting information according to this Juno video indicates that our planet Earth will pass between Jupiter and Sun this week.

The Juno spacecraft was launched on 5th August 2011 with the aim to gain valuable information about the giant planet Jupiter. After traveling an enormous distance of 1.74 billion miles, the Juno spacecraft stepped into the orbit of Jupiter in the year 2016. NASA often keeps on uploading the images and videos captured by Juno from time to time. This useful spacecraft called Juno keeps on flying and exploring the orbit of Jupiter. It clicks a group of photos in almost every fifty-three days. The Juno mission has been developed and initiated to identify essential features of Jupiter including the composition of the planet, studying the magnetic field, polar magnetosphere and also the gravity field. The Juno spacecraft is also expected to provide information on the formation of planet and its surface composition.

During the last month only, the Juno spacecraft had provided few beautiful images of Jupiter. Three pictures were composited together to find a final image. The raw images were worked into color augmentation by citizen scientists. After this, the well composed colored images arrived on NASA’s site. The finally composed image contained the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. The swirling patterns in the image depicted the mood of the giant red spot in an excellent way. The Great Red Spot in Jupiter is a massive spinning storm. The size of this giant spot or speedy storm is more than twice the size of Earth. However, may astronomers have said that the giant red spot of Jupiter is shrinking and might disappear completely in the next few decades?

Juno is continuously exploring and understanding the orbit of gas giant Jupiter. It is an important fact to remember that the brilliant team of Juno invites and motivates everyone to do the task of processing of images provided by the Juno spacecraft. If you think you too are accomplished at processing images with perfection, you can try your luck. Who knows you get your name in the next Juno image news!