Picture provided and owned by Blue Origin.

Another success of New Shepard suborbital vehicle designed by owned by Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin.

Rocket with capsule in 2.0 version was launched from the Van Horn test range owned by Blue Origin close to Van Horn in Texas. Launch was performed yesterday around 18:00 UTC.

Rocket climbed into correct altitude and perform successful separation. Capsule begun its ballistic phase of flight to reach 98 km and begun return to Earth. Meanwhile booster begun its return to Earth, using its main BE-3 engine to reduce speed and stabilize flight. It performed successful landing close to the launch site few minutes later. Next, capsule with crash dummies inside landed gently on parachute using rocket thrusters to reduce speed just before touch down. All planned tests, including strength test of windows installed in capsule finished with full success. Secondary payload covering twelve scientific experiments installed inside capsule also return in perfect condition.

It was sixth flight of New Shepard in total and fifth finished with successful landing.