There is good news for space fans. Recently NASA has provided funds and now its time for Juno spacecraft to accomplish its missions. In the year 2011, the probe left our planet, and in 2016, it reached to Jupiter. This should complete the things this year, February. It is the time, now NASA has accepted to give fund to the project and extend the project until 2022, which is 41 months from now. This clearly stated that Juno would be orbiting the Jupiter or giant gas until July 2021 and spend some months until it analyses the data.

If you see Juno has a short lifespan, this is why it orbits around Jupiter in every 14days. However, something went wrong with the valves in the fuel process, so it got stuck suddenly after 53 days orbit instead of 14-day orbit. More extended orbits means, it requires more time to collect data, which NASA wanted to gain from it. However, the extension gives the opportunity to learn everything on the planet in solar system.

According to Thomas Zurbuchen, who is the associate director of NASA science mission directorate, Washington said “the funds would not only give a long-term extension to accomplish the mission by Juno but also discover new dimension important scientific puzzles as well. Both scientists and citizens will unveil the discoveries of science.”

From past two years, Juno is orbiting Jupiter and giving information about the planet. The poles are packed with storms, which are the size of the earth; also, we see the depth nature of Jupiter in the images. The spacecraft captured most exquisite images of the planets which is included in the snapshots of the great red spot. This shows the more delicate details of the storm.

NASA has approved its proposal of extending the Juno mission, which is fantastic news for space lovers and scientist. This way scientist gets extra time and funds to do the research, and the Juno as well gets ample of time to orbit the planet in the solar system. This current news from NASA will give influence to the great mission to be accomplished. The fund for the purpose will be expected by July 2021 and the data analysis by Juno will be continuing until 2022. Great news for planetary exploration and this news unveil the newest ways to discover the solar system. This will give way to explore more in Jupiter, and Juno gets time to keep continuing its orbit around the planet.