Talking about colonization on Mars we long forgot about our beloved moon. The beautiful natural satellite that has been a part of our life by flowing through rhymes and poems, being compared for the charm and glam, and a lot more. Ever since Mars came into the scene, poor Moon lost its importance. Students know nothing more about the moon than who was the first man to step on the moon. But recently, world’s richest person and his biggest space agency have decided to check out moon more often.

Jeff Bezos along with NASA have laid a plan to set up a base at the moon. Bezos wanted to set up a shop on the planet and while on the stage, during the International Space Development Conference, he told Geekwire’s Alan Boyle that Blue Origin would build a Blue Moon lunar lander whether NASA agrees for the project or not.

NASA has not explicitly stated its intentions for the project, but Jeff is clear that he will do it eventually, though he knows he could do it with ease if NASA offered desired support. 

Blue Origin canceled its lunar lander named Resource Prospector and had requested proposals to send some payloads to the moon. NASA stated that Resource Prospector was meant to extract and identify water, gases, etc. shall be used instead for commercial launches. 

The reasons mentioned by Jeff and NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstine concerning establishing a presence on the moon were similar. They are planning to generate rocket fuel from the surface of the planet and explore water ice. The theory is of converting ice water into water for drinking and air for breathing.

It’s evident that Blue Origin if has to do this by itself, will take years even to launch a prototype and seriously needs the guidelines from an expert. If NASA returns towards the moon and sends this lunar lander, there would be a significant change in the way moon is perceived till now.

Bezos is concerned about returning to the moon, but he has no intentions of being the first one to do that. He is clear about his aim, which is to relocate a significant portion of our heavy industrial activity away from the planet in the coming years and keep Earth Greener and Cleaner. He wants to find an alternative to save the planet earth from the industrial hazards that are growing without any check. He is not doing it for fame or anything, that’s why he is in no hurry. He understands his limitations and thus is seeking help from the people who can turn this into reality.