As we all know the world is obsessed with the idea of going to the moon, let alone Elon Musk who always likes to talk about moving to Mars, but now some other big players have also joined the space race. But the news is that they are more interested in getting to our natural satellite moon. 

Yes, over the weekend, the Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos is now planning to work to set up a base on the moon. The announcement was made after the NASA revealed that it is planning to buy a ride back to the moon itself. 

Bezos has been in touch with NASA for their plans to set up the shop on the Earth’s natural satellite. He has also recently revealed that his company Blue origin would work on building a “Blue Moon” lunar lander despite the fact if NASA will join them as a partner on this project or not. He made the statement at the International Space Development Conference on Friday while talking to Geek wire’s Alan Boyle. 

“By the way, we will do that, even if NASA doesn’t do it,” Bezos said. “We’ll do it eventually. We could do it a lot faster through a partnership.”

However, NASA has not shown any signs on its moon plan, but Bezos has made it clear that the Blue Origin will work on the project with or without NASA. It has also canceled it lunar lander mission and Resource Prospector. The agency also later asked for proposals from commercial companies to help them in sending some payloads to the moon which would have been on the in-house lander. 

On Thursday, NASA also stated to give clarity that the instruments and drill from Resource Prospector used was to extract water, other volatiles and hydrogen on the lunar surface will be sent to the Earth’s natural satellite moon on commercial launches instead. 

Well, as per the statements released by NASA and Blue Origin, it is significant that both can join hands to get to the moon. But it is too soon to say that both will collaborate on this mission. 

As per Bezos, he is not too focused on who will go back to the moon first, instead, he is more interested in the long game and to transport humanity’s heavy industrial activity on the moon.