If you are dealing with any movable items, they will mostly involve nuts and bolts. Over the period of time such nuts or bolts are bound to wear and tear and so adequate care has to be taken in terms of their maintenance. If you can take help of thread-locking fluids as well as tapes, it will be highly effective in order to make sure that the suspect bolts remain in the exact position where they should be. In addition to these nyloc nuts also ensure that the components remain secure and snug.

Northrop Grumann who is the in charge of the James Webb Space Telescope mission has much concerns regarding the fact that “screws and washers” are falling down the spacecraft and it is apparently becoming very difficult to build up the Telescope in a proper manner. According to Mr. Greg Robinson who is the director of the JWST mission said that certain hardware was found to be lying underneath the spacecraft when it was being moved from the acoustic testing chamber to a vibrating testing chamber.

Mr. Greg Robinson said in a meeting at the National Academics Space Studies Board which is located in Washington D.C. that right now all such hardware pertains to nuts, screws and bolts are coming from the sunshield cover. He further said that they are enquiring to understand why this incident happened and what can be done to recover from this position.

He further feels very relieved that these loosening of the nuts and the bolts have happened before the spacecraft was relocated to the vibrating testing chamber. The director further assured people that there is nothing to be worried of. He said it is for this reason that NASA and it’s partner undergo extensive testing procedure to ensure the safety of the spacecrafts before they can be launched into the space. The moment the issue was brought into the limelight, NASA and the director of the project took immediate action to prevent any such further mishap.

NASA has recently announced that due to wear and tear on the sunshield portion of the JWST, the mission worth $ 8 billion will be delayed from its original schedule. The JWST was initially planned to be launched in spring 2019. But after this event the launching program has been deferred till May 2020. In fact NASA has established a team to find out the reasons for such event which would be lead by Mr. Tom Young who is the Goddard Director.