In modern day world, satellites perform different activities that help to make our world much more effective and smooth. Satellites are now responsible for finding out weather measurements, for tracking GPS positioning, to keep track of the cell signals and also to provide television as well as internet. Those countries which possess these valuable satellites they consider these as very valuable assets. Although some of the satellites are very old the cost of bringing them down is too much than keeping them up in the orbit. Thus most of the countries prefer them to be in the orbital position instead of taking them down. Nevertheless, it is very important to understand the fact that these old satellites become prime targets for the cyber attacks.

An anti-social who has the thought of doing any malicious activity will always try to create a fake IP address. With the help of this IP address, he can get confidential data about any computer’s location. Subsequently that person can have access to the computer system of the satellite. He can thereafter have full access to the movement of the satellite. He will simultaneously be able to jam the radio transmission with earth and finally disable the system.

Ultimately the expense of such hacking can be pretty costly. If a satellite is disabled, then people on earth will be disconnected from most of the essential works. The public will not have any access to GPS connectivity, which may sometimes prove to be a life-saving situation. Worse can be a situation where a satellite breaks down entirely and the debris of such broken satellite can cause extreme damage to other potential satellites, thereby increasing the loss of manifolds.

The situation will become so bad eventually that the scientists from Earth won’t be able to have any further control on such satellite which has become a victim of cyber attack. It will become impossible for the scientists to track who have caused such attack and from which part of the earth such attack has been caused. Further alarming will be the fact that with the invention of many more satellites, it will be that much of a concerned matter to track such unscrupulous activities by the cyber hackers and in such a situation the risks would be much more intense. According to various sources, till date, the government or different commercial companies are still more reluctant to show their concern over this matter.