Lately, the sky is looking dramatic at night, and it’s all because of Planet Mars. It is getting brighter this year, and people can finally see the ‘orange- red’ star in the sky. According to sources, Mars will get closer to Planet Earth in July. 

The world is going to look up at the sky and say, ‘’Where did this bright red orange star come from?’’ Just so that you know, Mars is a planet and it is getting closer to our world every passing day. 

In the year 2003, we witnessed Mars being close to our planet but this year, the prominence of the planet will double, and the world will be able to see it. 

It is being said that on July 27th, Planet Mars will be opposite to the sun. By July 30th, the distance between Earth and Mars will shrink to 35.78 million miles. 

Do note that Mars is a planet which has the power to outshine all the stars in the sky. It was faint to the human eye in the year 2017, but this year we will be able to see it bright in the sky. In early April, Mars was closer to Saturn, and now, it is making its way closer to Planet Earth. 

This year, Mars will outshine Jupiter, and the world would be able to see the brightness of this planet. Whether you are planning to witness the planet with unaided eyes or a telescope, you would be able to see it as a striking object in the sky. 

According to sources, this is going to be the summer of Mars where the casual night watchers will enjoy watching the planet from a distance. As we speak, observers from Australia, South America, and South Africa will be able to get a good look at the planet as Mars would pass directly overhead these destinations. Observers from the Northern Latitudes will have a tough time to get a glimpse of the planet. 

The world is eagerly waiting for this summer season to witness the beauty of Planet Mars. It is getting closer to our planet, and such events are rare. We can only wait for this July, and till then we have enough time to invest in a high-quality telescope.