This is record flight and shows true potential, which in space industry:Indian space agency ISRO has not had serious troubles to find customers for flight of their PSLV rocket; companies and organizations from India, the United States, the Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates filled cargo space of PSLV with impressive number of 104 satellites.

First of all, delivering such spectacular payload of PSLV-XL planned to be launched from First Launch Pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Center at 3:58 UTC on Wednesday is not even main objective of the mission. PLSV-XL with ISRO mission number C37 will deliver Cartosat-2D, ISRO earth imaging satellite along with two other Indian microsatellites. 101 satellites are secondary payload, but they will be delivered to same orbit as Cartosat-2D – to 500 km circular Low Earth Orbit. If mission will be successful, ISRO will set new record and break previous record held by Russian ISC Kosmotras. Operated by this Russian company Dnepr rocket delivered 37 satellites in June 2014.

Success of this mission will be great success of ISRO. Process of integration satellites with payload adapter is very complicated, not to mention about deploying procedure, which will start at T+17’30” from deploying Cartosat-2D (10 seconds later two microsatellites will be deployed) to enter phase of deploying secondary payload at T+18’33”. Releasing 101 satellites from one adapter requires extremely stable flight of the rocket, also maximal reliability of payload adapter. Also whole process of identification particular satellites will be long and complicated – satellites will probably remain in formation for weeks or even longer. If ISRO manage to deliver and deploy all the satellites to orbit without problems it will truly show its capabilities and confirm its position in space industry.