If you build it, they will come

This may apply to the idea of regular people going up into space as space tourists. If the opportunity is there and the price is right, people will sign up to take a short trip outside of the ozone layer and possibly to Mars itself.

There are enough people who would be curious to see what it feels like to be weightless. Or who would want to see the earth from a view they have only seen in pictures. It may not be a crazy idea.

There is competition for space tourism already

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by this news. Businesses are in the business to make money and they will try to make money off of sending people into orbit. There are at least two American companies already exploring their tourism options as we write.

Both SpaceX and Blue Origin think it is a viable business venture though they may not agree on the final destinations. SpaceX hopes to eventually take people to Mars. While Blue Origin is content to focus on sub-orbital targets.

The latter company does not plan on letting the space tourists experience real orbit. They will lonely go high enough to let the stages drop, and the passengers view the curvature of the earth and feel weightlessness.

There are some safety concerns

If Apollo 1,13 & Challenger has taught researchers and businessmen anything, is that accidents do happen at the wrong times. Then, not everyone can be saved from those accidents. If these companies are serious about space tourism, then it would be wise of the government to place very strict regulations and standards on the spacecraft and launch.

It is serious business to bring regular untrained citizens up into space and every precaution should be taken. These precautions should also include the re-entry of the craft. That is also one of the more dangerous aspects of any manned space flight.

What will space tourism cost

This is the other important question. If forecasts and estimates hold true, then the cost of space tourism will be well out of reach of the common man. The figures right now stand at several hundred thousand dollars. This is well out of the reach of the majority of people.

It looks like the 1% has found a new way to broaden the gap between them and the rest of the 99%