The first interstellar asteroid was captured around October 2017 by Pan STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii. Its name Oumuamua means ‘a message from afar arriving first.’ At first it was thought that it was an alien aircraft but observation from satellites in Europe and Australia indicated otherwise. Observation from telescope indicates that the body of the asteroid looks like a cigar with reddish colour moving through the solar system.
Curiosity arose about the origin of the asteroid and the possibility of it containing alien life since it is the first interstellar object to be captured in space by telescopes. Efforts to decipher any signals from the body were fruitless since no radio waves frequencies were captured from the body. Thus no evidence of alien life on the asteroid based on the radio transmission sent to the body since no waves were captured by astronomers.

When studying the origin of the body, astronomers concluded that it is likely that the object did not originate from the solar system. At first, it was thought that it was a comet but the lack of a tail despite it’s close range to the sun thus made it be classified as an asteroid. The body of the asteroid was elongated with a high rotational rate thus making scientists believe that it was made of materials of a high density. Unlike other bodies in the solar system which have a smooth rotation, the asteroid showed fast, tumbling and fast rotational speed. The speed is believed to have been caused by a collision with objects in its system of origin thus ejection into the interstellar space.

It is believed that there are millions of interstellar objects crossing the solar system each year; only that they have not been able to be captured by telescopes. The ability to study Oumuamua is one step towards capturing alien lives. Unfortunately, since the object does not originate from the solar system, it is believed to travel away from the solar system never to return. The occurrence is useful to astronomers as it will guide on how the solar system was formed. It is believed that rocky bodies would originate from systems with giant gas planets which are able to eject bodies off their systems into the interstellar space. Oumuamua brought space near to earth, and the knowledge about its behaviour will be used further in studying the whole galaxy and beyond.