Future exclusive space stations might be supported by big companies that prompted a brave and determined conversation during a panel about low-Earth future orbit at the thirty-fourth Space Symposium. 

Erin MacDonald doesn’t like the idea of Taco Bell International Space Station. He also believes that it goes adjacent to what people think the space station to be look like. 

Whilst the ISS is suspect to be re-branded by Taco Bell, if the latest space station is disbursed for by Taco Bell, then it will be the Taco Bell Station,’ this is what Benjamin Reed said. Reed is NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Satellite Servicing Projects deputy director. 

NASA’s research recommends an exclusive space station will not be capable of working without the fund coming from the government. This is the reason why NASA is asking financial support in year 2019 to start helping the progress of commercial space stations. 

NASA is still going to need to test technologies in orbit before going all the way out to the moon or Mars,” Benjamin Reed said. “That new fuel pump we want to develop. Let’s get it up there, prove it works and then send it to the Lunar Outpost and then to Mars.”

Agencies planning to create commercial space station are already grappling with queries on how they will work, which include the function of corporate sponsorships and government customers. 

Erin who was present in the panel discussion raised the issue about the sponsorship of Taco Bell as she was worries about public outreach and education. Would an exclusive space station needs schools to compensate? If that is the case, that will put children off from getting access. 

Jeffrey Manber, chief executive of NanoRacks, stated that he didn’t see business sponsorship as a setback. NanoRacks is planning to renovate a Centaur upper stage and make it into an exclusive orbital outpost and they will call it Independence-1.

If we are going to do a commercial space station, we have to succeed in the marketplace,” he said. “I’m sure you and everyone you know take part in things that are sponsored. We welcome that.”

Bigelow Aerospace originator, Robert Bigelow stated that the panel conversation which a commercial space station, similar to any commercial company will need to follow the money in order to succeed.

You follow the money and make sure what you are doing is safe and legal,” he said. At the same time, he heard the concerns about student engagement and said space stations “need to provide for education and perhaps conduct some philanthropic activities” when they are established.