How many times has this thought crossed your mind? Not because you wish to live in the space which you wouldn’t mind if given a chance anyway, but simply because of your curious nature. Truth be told, with the continuous improvement in nature and technology, humans might soon inhabit the space.

For that reason, scientists have taken it upon themselves to do a research to satisfy human curious nature. The good news is, the research has already begun and the results will be released very soon. Their specific interest at this level is understanding a sperm’s behavior in space.

Nasa sent a number of sperm samples last week along with 5,800 pounds of experiments and supplies. To some extent, this might seem like wastage of time and resources to some people especially those who have never taken time to think about this point.

The goal behind this research is giving human the actual information surrounding this mystery. There have been so much speculations and information in the public that are contradicting and confusing. It is therefore very important to conduct an overall research that will finally set light to this much debated topic.

The main focus on NASA’s research

As things are changing, very soon it will be possible for humans to live in space. Therefore, it is important to do all the important research pertaining human survival procreation being one of the most crucial part of human existence. There are also plans of extended space vacations whose security need to be ensured before kicking off.

It is of importance for anyone interested in setting their foot in Mars to have all the necessary information of the success of their stay in the space. Some of the frequently asked questions include:

  • Is it possible to reproduce in microgravity?
  • How long will one be able to survive in space?
  • Will the babies born in space be the same as those born on earth?

These questions continue to flow in many people’s mind as long-term missions to Mars and luxury space hotels becomes a reality. NASA has therefore taken up the task of researching the possibility of reproducing in space before the demand rises too high. This mission has been termed as Mission Micro-11.

The astronauts are using samples of bull and human samples and their main focus is on checking whether the semen will be able to move freely enough and at the right speed to fuse with the egg. Once the research is over, the videos will be then sent to earth to be analyzed.