Iridium Commercial Communications Network Grab a Lift from the SpaceX

For the Iridium messaging network, there are ten other satellites had flown to the orbit with the Falcon 9 spacecraft from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The blast off had taken place on Friday, bringing the upgraded Iridium spacecraft launched to fifty and clearing the way to liftoff of the SpaceX supply rocket on Monday when it departs the Cape Canaveral going to the space station.

SpaceX was deposing of its reused old-generation spacecraft as the updated version of Falcon 9 called Block 5. Falcon 9’s upper stage engine is lit a couple of times during the flight on Friday, pushing ten iridium satellites to the circular orbit that targets around 625 kilometers above the Earth. On the following target, the SpaceX recovery crews are attempting to recover the payload of Falcon 9 fairing with the fast-moving ships in Pacific Ocean. Elon Musk, a company’s founder and the CEO said that the experimentation had undergone a trouble. 

The aerodynamic fairing is covering the sensitive satellite at the final launching preparation and the initial phase of the flight. Eventually, SpaceX wants to retrieve and reuse the payload fairing like the one it does on the initial stage boosters. 

The officials from Iridium said that all ten satellites, each with Ka-band and L-band radios and antennas, as well as ship and aircraft tracking equipment, were following the Friday’s launch in a healthy way. They will be replacing the ten old satellites in the network of iridium, which had surpassed about a million subscribers recently. 

With the Friday’s mission, Iridium had kicked off some of its campaigns with the SpaceX. As for the previous missions that took place in the preceding years, each of them had delivered ten Iridium to the orbit. 

Iridium had ordered their 81 new satellites to refresh their communications fleet that provides data, voice, and message communication to the world. The old satellites launched by Iridium way back 1990s and 2000s are still functioning well up to this date, which works beyond their planned missions for only seven years. 

All the subscribers of Iridium can truly take the benefit of the communication service. Their modernized satellites, which is the centerpiece of the three billion investment will guarantee all subscribers to have an uninterrupted telephoning, as well as acquire a higher speed application like broadband connectivity needed for data transmissions and video transmissions.

In fact, there more of the Iridium’s satellites are soon to be planned to launch by the SpaceX. This will provide a better service and connectivity to all Iridium subscribers.