Image Credit: NASA Langley/Advanced Concepts Lab, AMA, Inc.

Electric transportation is widely popular today. The electric buses are replacing traditional gas; even electric boats are sailing the seas, which Telsa sales cars are doing already. When the skies are the domain of aircraft, which is fueled by fossils, the sea and land have already seen the creation of electric alternatives. There are some electric aircraft, which are performing maiden flights. NASA is working on their X-57 electric plane. The electric flight could be perfect for the masses. 

For over three years, NASA has been working on their project regarding electric plane, significantly checking off milestones as it supports its first electric flight. There are two large electric motors, one of which has the significant part of the plane and the other has wing tip, and these are the concept of X-57. 

There are 12 small electric motors, which is the leading edge of the wings; distributed electric propulsion relies on it. The force of the motor directly goes over the wing surface to increase the lift. This is specially designed to maximize the ability of the plane by minimizing the demand for energy, which is needed to generate sufficient thrust and lift. 

NASA confirmed the electric propulsion which is active with the X-57, mockup. This was generally a test wing, which was mounted to a semi-truck. In the year 2016, December, NASA switched on to testing batteries for the X-57. Their Li-ion battery packs used off the shelf and ended during the test. After this test, NASA decided to introduce custom batteries for X-57. According to famous Mechanics, the X-57 project’s technical expert Nick Borer, the flight batteries are delivered and tested to be lined up for integration. This time it’s been noticed that MOD II won’t fly in the year 2019. This is scheduling now. This will be converted to Technam p2006T; its engines are replaced with the electric power system batteries and electric motors. The technology will be likely to develop a partnership with NASA, and it’s on their way to do it. 

The X-57 is a work of NASA that will have a significant influence on the aviation industry. According to NASA, their distributed electric propulsion can minimize the demand of energy of the plane, which is as much as five times. This will be undoubtedly beneficial for the technology and science community.  The work of X-57 is the right example of the agency’s motto.