Japanese company Interstellar Technologies confirmed that already in 2017 will perform another test flight of their sounding rocket “Momo”.

Interstellar Technologies is Japanese company with headquarter at Hokkaido, which history started in 1997. At the beginning Company was only non profit organisation of enthusiast with vision of creating small sounding rocket powered with in-house designed rocket engine. After six years organisation became a company in 2003; now Interstellar Technologies has own prototype of engine and rocket able to deliver 20 kg of payload (30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm) to altitude of 120 km. Cost of the delivering payload by Momo only little over Karman line will cost around $300000.

According Shuhei Horio, an engineer with Interstellar Technologies, Company will perform another flight test in the end of 2017. Also during the 31st Annual Conference on Small Satellites it was confirmed that Company is working on larger rocket able to deliver 100 kilograms of payload into SSO orbit (500 to 700 km). Company confirmed that first flight of new rocket in 2019.

First flight of Momo (that is the name of the rocket) was performed on July 30, 2017 from Hokkaido. Rocket fueled with Ethanol and LOX should reach altitude of 100 km after around of 200 seconds of flight, when engine flight should last 120 seconds. Unfortunately first test flight was interrupted by end of telemetry data transmission on altitude of 20 km. Ground control center decided to abort mission and rocket fall into Pacific Ocean. Of course it was test without any payload. During regular missions it is planned to deploy payload and recover it after landing on parachutes.