Interesting things we learn from COO of SpaceX

In an interview with the president and COO of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, we came to know specific exciting facts about the company. 

1.    SpaceX is into profits

The President said that currently the valuation of the company is almost $28 billion and that they are into profits for many years now. She said that some of the years the Company went through a dangerous phase, for instance, the year of 2016 when a rocket exploded at the time of fueling the vehicle. Such an event stopped the activities of the company for almost four months. It suffered severely in that year.

2.    Time to catch up during 2016

Although it was a rough patch for the company as the revenue fell and subsequently the profitability finally it gave time for the production department to catch up with the pending orders. But still it was quite devastating to make up for the pending orders without any rockets being flown into the space. It also gave enough time for the designing department to upgrade themselves what the new designs and techniques in order to prevent any sort of such mishap in the near future. As a result they were successful in coming up with the latest version of the Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket which took off earlier this month.

3.    The rocket launch will go down next year

Although the company is bustling flying back to back missiles in the current year, the President said that the numbers would come down in the year of 2019. SpaceX has launched ten missions in the current year and expects to start a dozen more in the latter part of this year.

4.    Capability to produce one rocket engine every day and two Falcon 9 rockets per month

According to the President the company is in a position to set up 14 first stage booster which the company can reuse and about 30 second stage boosters in the current year. Those figures are very low in comparison to the Tesla which is producing thousands of cars every week.

5.    Satellites will be the primary business

The President hinted shortly, satellite manufacturing would be the primary business of the company soon than rocket launching. Recently they have got a required statutory approval for a constellation of broadband satellites.

6.    Mission Mars 2024

The company is all set to take humans to Mars within the year of 2024. Musk’s vision to colonize Mars is on track