The latest Intelsat EpicNG high-throughput satellite is changing the way, the technology is prevelant in the market. These new HTS platforms use concentrated beams spot to deliver signals which are reaching mobility and allow users to get satellite connectivity at higher data cost than any possibility. 

This excellent capability is doing the launch of a managed service offerings, which will provide our customers of Governments with a broader range of mobility service from where to choose. These models are specially designed to allow users to get the service, which is suited to their important mission with a payment model, and this is cost effective. 

IntelsatOne FlexAir is the first offerings which are a worldwide in-flight connectivity service created for a wide range of aircraft with top quality performance needs. The combination of our traditional wide-beam spacecraft and our high-throughput Intelsat EpicNG satellites provide Ku-band coverage. This service is compatible with different kinds of fuselage and antennas on both uncrewed and human-crewed aircraft. 

IntelsatOne FlexAir will provide our government customers three kinds of subscriptions packages:

1.    FlexAir Global will offer monthly subscription plans at data cost of and 3 Mbps from the airframe and up to 10 Mbps to the aircraft.

2.    FlexAir ISR provides high-quality, detailed information rates in 1 Mbps increments up to 6 Mbps with the ability to roam to and from the FlexAir Global network from the aircraft.

3.     FlexAir CIR will provide committed information price with unlimited data allocation, which is essential for CEO’s, commanders and heads of state.

IntelsatOne FlexAir offers government customers various advantages over other managed networks. Customers who used Ku-band terminals on aircraft already in service, they add a modem – much more straightforward, cheaper and faster way by switching out an antenna. Users can choose a new antenna from our approved antenna.

The Intelsat system provides high-quality security. The new technology Intelsat EpicNG minimizes the interference. We will roll out the intelsatone Flexair for some resellers this summer. Next latest service will include a Flex platform for Government and military operations on water and land. This service will manage to support firefighting in forests and work as disaster recovery operation.  Flex platform will give more flexibility, and this allows customers to get cost-effective payment model. We will inform about other offerings as they come over the coming months and it’s cheaper.