In the early year of 1940, in Alaska, from a single army radio station, the network forces of America has expanded into a television program, and a global function was delivering radio and offering these programs to more than 1 million civilian personnel and military and their families who are stationed in 177 countries around the sea. 

The video and audio feed the teleports of the present scenario across the globe at a southern California broadcast center. The signal linked through satellite for delivery to the military barracks, housing and ships at the shore. It brings viewers and listeners to the same point of access that could able to view or listen from the comfort at home. 

Intelsat has been offering the space network to support AFN, which was more than 15 years old.. By using the IntelsatOne MPLS fiber connection, the network service delivers a more efficient system for the direct programming and to uplink the reports. There are four others service providers combined with the AFN signals, and it feeds military and civilian facilities in various states across the globe. They are Korea Telecom, Allen Communications and Media Broadcast Satellite, SES Government Solutions. AFN signal requires a high-quality network for delivering the system to the Employees of US Government and their families. Ramstein Air Base in Germany, this military installation can get the AFN signals entirely on terrestrial fiber. 

AFN offers an extensive range of favorite American television and radio programs from the leading networks of the US. Commercial viewers can register to promote this local educational program; they can provide health, and wellness tips. This network gives commercial breaks with advertisements, which can help the latest film, released based on the theaters across the globe. AFN distributes ten radio streams and five play various types of music, two sports programs and three are general news channels. AFN allocates different channels with multiple formats, which include family, entertainment, and news.  Intelsat general uses six satellites to meet the requirement of AFN. Families who are living in military housing should receive AFN signal, which includes sports, and news broadcasts. Ships at sea also receive the AFN directs to the sailor feed and a more significant message through a high-quality satellite dish. This can be broadcasted through the Wi-Fi network. Intelsat general has configured with the US military distribution of audio and videos with the renewal of AFN contract. This is making the best use of available networks and terrestrial networks.