On 29 September Ariane 5 delivered to orbit double payload – two communications satellites: Intelsat-37e and BSAT-4a.

Launch was performed yesterday from Guiana Space Center, from launch site ELA-3. September 29 was not original planned launch date – Ariane 5 mission was scrubbed on September 5, 2017 in last seconds before lift off. Problem which appeared during first launch attempt was connected with electric circuits and electric power system of the Ariane 5.

This time everything went flawlessly. Rocket was rolled out from hangar on Thursday last week (September 28, 2017) with both satellites encapsulated on Sylda adapter – Intelsat was placed on the top when BSAT occupied bottom position. It was planned to reach orbit with upper stage with 10838 kg of payload (satellites with adapter) to 250 km x 35706 km with 6 degrees inclination orbit. Rocket was fueled with ultra chilled propellant and this process finished at T-20′.

Punctually at 21:56 UTC rocket lifted off and after setting course to east and passing through sound barrier rocket jettisoned its two EAP boosters at T+2’22”. next rocket reached space and deployed payload fairing at T+3’23”. At T+9’15” core stage was cut off and upper stage was deployed on 150 km orbit. Upper stage started to close to western coast of Africa with end of first burn planned for T+25 – upper stage before end of burn reached speed of 32000 km/h. At 22:28 UTC first satellite, Intelsat-37E was deployed. One minute later Sylda-5 adapter was released and BSAT-4a was fully exposed and became ready to be deployed on orbit. At 22:44 UTC BSAT-4a was released from Sylda. Arianespace announced about correct deployment at T+53′, at 22:50 UTC.

Intelsat-37e is fifth EpicNG class satellite launched for Intelsat. It was built by Boeing on 702MP satellite bus. It is powered by two deployable solar arrays and onboard batteries. Its communications equipment C, Ku, and Ka band transponders. Satellite will operate for 15 years from 342° East slot and offer communications services like enterprise networking, wireless and mobility services. Satellite weight is 6438 kg.

BSAT-4a was built by SSL for Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT). Satellite is equipped with 24 Ku band transponders and will provide next generation television services in 4K/8K ultra-high definition. Satellite was built on SSL-1300 bus with two deployable solar arrays as power source. it weighs 3.5 t and offer 15 years of operational life. It will be placed on 110° East orbital slot.