On Thursday, April 12, Will Smith called to the International Space Station via Instagram Live and got a chance to talk with one of the astronauts. This is the first-ever Instagram Live video streaming from space.

Will Smith has the amusing conversation with Drew Feustel, NASA’s astronaut and a flight engineer for the Expedition 55. During the first stage of the call, they had talked about the life in the orbit, the overview effect experienced by the astronauts when they see the Earth from space, and effects of being weightless above.

Aside from those questions, Smith has also some of the most practical questions about the life living in the space like “How do you take a poop there and what is its smell in the space station.

“The good days are good, but the bad days are really challenging” answered, Feustel. He didn’t provide much detail about this topic (but if you want to know how the astronaut’s poop, you can have the details here). Feustel is more open to talking about the routine in personal hygiene in space that involves bathing or showering. They simply rub the soaked wet towels with soap all over their body daily and he said that being clean and staying clean in space is really hard.

He also added that the smell of the foods inside the orbiting lab is so common but the space, at the same time, has a smell outside the station. The astronauts that return from the spacewalks had tended to reek of the ozone smells like a burning wire, Feustel added.

After that explanation, Smith had thrown another strange question. He asked Feustel if he knows any other astronauts in space who joined the “high-mile club” which in other words mean if anyone in space had sex. He asked, “Has any of you attempted prior to research cause – the process of human species procreation in space?”

After Feustel wipes the tears from his eyes as he suppresses his laughter about the thrown question, he replied that he has no knowledge yet about the test being done in that case.

“What is the spaceship’s shape called Earth?” Smith wraps up the interview.

“It is darn round from the viewpoint” answered Feustel. “There is no doubt about that and we are going round and round. Their conversation had lasted for twenty minutes.