Two companies which are working to make space tourism a success said that they are a few months away from the very first space tourist flights. Both of the companies have not mentioned any particular date.

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are the two companies which are working to make this successful and are competing with each other to be the first one who finishes the test. Both of the companies are making use of different technologies for this.

About weightlessness

Passengers of both the companies Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin won’t experience like they are orbiting the earth: instead, the weightless experience will last only for few minutes. Experience which passengers will get here is very different from the experience of first space tourists, who had paid millions of dollars for traveling International Space Station (ISS).

This time passengers will have to pay a much lower ticket price as compared to what first space tourists had paid. Ticket price is approximately $250000 with Virgin Galactic. Blue Origin has not yet stated their tickets price. With this new round of space, tourist will be taken to dozens of miles into the atmosphere before they will be headed back to the earth. From earth, ISS is in orbit around 400 km away.

The aim here is to approach or at least pass through the imaginary line marking from where it is believed that space begins. This line can be either Karman line or 50-mile boundary which is recognized by US Air Force.

From this altitude, the sky appears to be dark, and the curvature of the earth becomes visible.

Virgin Galactic

Two pilots along with the six passengers are boarded in SpaceShipTwo VSS unity which is much like a private jet with the Virgin Galactic.

The VSS unity will be having an attached carrier spacecraft know as WhiteKnightTwo, from where it will detach at approximately 49000 feet. After its successful release, the rocket of spaceship will be fired up, and it will head towards the sky.

After this passenger will float at zero gravity for some minutes before they will reach back to the Earth.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin has developed a system which is very much similar to the traditional rocket New Shepard.

Here six passengers will be able to take seats in a “capsule” which is fixed at the top of a very long rocket about 60 feet long. After its release, it will be detached and continue its trajectory to the sky. During test which was held on 29 April, the capsule made somewhere around 66 miles.