Another after launch delayed due the weather after Echostar-23 mission. This time JAXA, Japan’s space agency failed to launch their H-IIA rocket with IGS Radar 5 military reconnaissance satellite under the payload fairing. Rocket will not be launched earlier than on 17th March 2017 at 01:20 UTC.

Second mission of H-IIA in 2017 was again covering delivery of military satellite. After first launch performed on 24 January 2017, when H-IIA delivered to orbit DSN-2 communications military satellite, this time it was planned that JAXA flagship will put into 500 km orbit IGS Radar 5 satellite.

Launch was planned from Tanegashima Space Center. Unfortunately sixth Japanese radar reconnaissance satellite will wait at least another 48 hours under fairing of H-IIA. Poor weather conditions will, according to weather forecasts, remain unchanged at Tanegashima for at least until the end of the week. Sadly, this launch will not be transmitted, still probably it will be possible to track trajectory of the rocket after launch. Satellite will operate from 500 km orbit and mainly track North Korean and Chinese vessels.

JAXA decided to use H-IIA in 202 configuration during this mission. Rocket, long for 53 m will be supported by two SRB boosters. Payload fairing is wide for 4 m, rocket with total mass of 285 t is able to deliver to LEO 4.1 t of payload.