Whenever we think about space, we visualize beautiful scintillating galaxies, planets and lot more. Now it is time to add some garbage too to your space fantasies! However, the presence of waste in space is not only a fantasy but a reality. There exists a lot of junk in the space along with the celestial objects and beauty. And as always, the credit for the same goes to humans! 

In the recent days, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has revealed the existence of unwanted artificial products or put merely, junk in space. Various countries and their teams have been sending satellites to space in the past years. While exploring the space and getting varied help through satellites continue, the existence of junk in space comes as a regretful fact. The numerous satellites sent by humans keep orbiting into space. When these satellites accomplish their objectives, they come back to our planet. But many of you might not know that not all parts of these machines come back to us. Numerous machine pieces or satellite parts stay suspended around our planet. When scientists and researchers are unable to contact these satellites or lose contact with them, the satellites keep on wandering in the space. 

The dilemma is that more than one thousand and seven hundred spacecraft have been sent till date. This figure is enough to provide a tentative idea about the amount of garbage or junk present in the space. According to NASA, there are approximately twenty-three thousand portions of space garbage which are more prominent than 10 cm. Also, there are 500,000 junk parts which are larger than 1 cm. In addition to this, there are almost 100,000,000 pieces which are more prominent than 1 millimeter. 

Though the ISS (International Space Station) directs the spacecraft for staying safe from hazardous chunks of junk; it is an undeniable fact that even the tiniest of pieces can prove dangerous. These small junk parts can create significant peril for other spacecraft as well as the space explorers. NASA stated that space garbage travels speedily. It means that astronauts who go out of shuttle for a spacewalk can be at risk because of the space junk pieces. The small, as well as significant parts of junk, can threat satellites. The tiny pieces can create a hole in them while the bigger ones can crash the whole spacecraft.