There is a rapid growth in internet use. Billions of people across the world spend most of their time on the internet. Today people google almost each and everything, google has become everyone’s best friend even kids tell google their secrets more than they tell their parents. Most people run to google search for the small things happening around them, I remember I once asked google why my boyfriend broke up with me haha… its funny right? Well the truth is google has become part and parcel of our daily lives. All this information we feed on google search has turned out to be useful to our eco system.

Google uses its computer vision technique to recognize images in a similar way as human beings do it also uses the natural language processing technique which is an online real time language translation that allows more accurate translation between human languages. This image and translation tools uses a refined machine learning that allows computers to listen, speak and see things the same way humans do. Besides all this google has developed many other specialized technology applications that are used in solving environmental problems and ensuring that our eco system is preserved across the world.

When google brings together its potential geo mapping, cloud computing and machine learning they are able to help and protect marine life in some parts of the using the automatic identification system for shipping that is broadcast publicly, google is able to accurately identify any illegal fishing activities going on in the protected areas. With this information, Google uses its machine learning technique to identify the reason why any water vessel is at the sea be it a container ship, leisure vessel, ferry or a fishing boat. With the help of NGOs google created a global fishing watch that shows real time map where fishing is happening or likely to happen.

This google inventiveness is already yielding positive results in the fight against illegal fishing. The global fishing watch has been very helpful in making sure that all vessels in the sea are fully monitored to ensure that there is no fishing vessel or fishing activity taking place in the restricted area. Governments should support this initiative fully to make sure we protect our eco system and make sure our marine life stays protected too.