It has first been discovered that the universe has been extending with hundreds and billions of stars and galaxies as similar to raisins in an immediate rising dough since 13.8 billion years ago. The astronomers are to know more about the expanding rates of the universe using a unit of measurement called Hubble constant. This telescope is used for the cosmic sources. 

Hubble constant is offering its various values to know that how fast the universe is expanding. This detailed information could bring light on the origin of the world and its fate, that is what scientists believed. Scientists from Harvard University and MIT have introduced an independent and accurate way to measure the Hubble constant. They use gravitational waves by a neutron star and a star binary. 

These objects circle towards each other, that is why they produce gravitational waves and flash of light at the time when they collide. On July 12th a physical review letter published and it said that the scientists would give a calculation about velocity system or they should have to say that how fast this system is moving away from the earth. 

The emitted gravitational waves detected on earth should offer a precise measurement of the system’s distance. The researchers calculated the Hubble constant and the rate of growth in the universe.  Recently continuous measurements have done two Hubble by using the Hubble space telescope of NASA. This telescope is based on a star called a Cepheid variable. These observation patterns are called as standard candles. With this, the scientists could estimate the distance of the star’s velocity and distance.

Another estimated observation is based on the cosmic microwave fluctuations, which was kept in the rapid aftermath of Earth’s big bang. When these observations are happening, Hubble constant estimates disagree relevantly. 

In the year 2017 for the first time, scientists estimated the Hubble constant from the gravitational source and for the first time they discovered neutron stars, which were collided that time. With this, the scientists calculated a new value of Hubble constant. The Planck satellite and Hubble have calculated the cost. In the year 2019 again LIGO will start accomplishing data, and it will be much more sensible and able to see the objects from far. Then, LIGO should resolve the problem, which is existing in the Hubble constant measurement.