Scientists have witnessed a colossal collision of a number of different galaxies which has taken place deep in the universe and over a period of time. It has now proved to be a great opening in the way of space exploration. This discovery of how collision impacts our Earth and its surrounding could easily change the pattern of the way in which we study the universe. A huge number of collisions close to 14 were witnessed across the universe. At this position what we can find out and what we can witness is only a tenth of its current age. This will help us to look back into the time which will allow us for the making up of new galaxies. As such galaxy further grows up; the ultimate formation will become one of the biggest things in the whole universe.

Scott Chapman who is an astrophysicist at Dalhousie University which is situated in Halifax, Canada has said that having got a trace of the massive galaxy is in itself very exciting. Mr. Scott is a specialist in observational cosmology and at the same time studies the origins of structure within the universe and as well as the evolution of the galaxies. He has further added of the fact and raised concerns regarding the fact that this collisions of the galaxy are happening at such a fast rate that is posing a considerable amount of challenge for the scientists in studying the way in which different structures form in the universe.

Each and every galaxy that faced collisions were starburst galaxies, which are continuously ejecting new stars in the universe. In other words, this is the most active place in the entire universe which is showing thousands of new stars each and every year. However, it is very much difficult to trace all the stars that are getting ejected from such galaxy. This is mainly because of the fact that they consume the gas very fast. Scientists are still very unclear about the fact that how these stars manage to shine so brightly together.

Scientists believe that there are some special features of this place because of which galaxies are forming the stars at such a high speed than the other galaxies which are not located in this particular place. They are also predicting the fact that perhaps the gravity in case of the other galaxies is making the gas get compressed within themselves which is preventing them to produce more stars.