The space junk is becoming a major impediment for the scientists and different groups all over the world. The same is indubitably struggling to find an efficacious solution to the problem. A European Satellite with an aim to clear off the scattered pieces of the relics and debris of spacecraft and satellites has been launched the last week for testing. The satellite has been designed and fabricated to haul and hoist a number of cleaning devices, which have been designed especially for this task. It is adroitly expected to clear off a large amount of junk & debris from the orbit.

The satellite is solely based on an ancient Roman technology and it executes and accomplishes the cleaning using the same. It is christened as “RemoveDebris” and the developers are assured regarding its status and efficaciousness. It will indubitably assist the scientists in keeping the space clean.

An advanced project engineer quoted at AirBus Space that it is their utmost priority to assure that this task can successfully be accomplished as soon as possible. He also quoted that – “We trust our technology and it is actually very simple and we are working very hard to transform it into a reality.”

The satellite has been designed & destined to grapple maximum information on the best possible methods to clean the junk from the space. Indeed this satellite has already been docked with International Space station. The scientists are planning to make it operational in the coming few weeks so that the debris such as non-functional satellites, aircraft parts, and several other tiny objects could be removed from the earth’s orbit.

This satellite will directly assault the junk that seems to be harmful to any space operation and will attract the same towards it through a piece of rope. One of the prime aims of this program is to make the “European Space Agency Space clean program” more powerful and effective in the time to come. The scientists also quoted that they have already started working on the next variant of this satellite, which will be having a bulkier & huskier size than the one already docked to ISS.

This satellite would be able to clean the objects with weight around 8 tones. As per experts, they have plans to remove the junk in the next two years. A section of the report on this cleaning program says that a huge amount (around 7, 000 tons) of junk is revolving around the earth’s orbit and can damage the satellites and spacecraft.