Today JAXA rocket H-IIA with Michibiki-3 navigation satellite was not launched from Yoshinobu Launch Complex at Tanegashima Space Center as it was planned. Official reason declared by MELCO was the technical problems with propulsion of the launch vehicle.

It is second time when Michibiki-3 launch is delayed. First time mission was postponed for 24 hours from Friday 11th August to Saturday 12th August, due the poor weather conditions at Tanegashima Space Center. Today launch was planned again for 05:00 UTC and it seemed quite sure that we will finally see launch of 204 version of H-IIA rocket. Rolled out was performed on Friday at 23:58 UTC and rocket remained at Launch Pad 1 at Yoshinobu Launch Complex. Liftoff was planned for 04:40 UTC and ordinary pre launch procedure was initiated.

Two hours after roll out tanks of the rocket were already fueled with propellant. After engine check which according to reports was passed without any problems, surprisingly at 03:10 UTC countdown was set to hold. Without giving any more details JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced that launch was moved to 07:00 UTC. Thanks to long launch window planned to end at 13:14 UTC it was still possible to launch rocket today. Unfortunately at 07:24 UTC launch was officially scrubbed. MELCO, operator of the rocket announced only that reason for flight cancellation was problem with propulsion of the rocket detected before launch.

Jaxa has not announced about new launch date yet, rocket remains secured with encapsulated satellite at Launch Pad 1.