JAXA, Japan’s Space Agency, announced that upcoming launch of H-IIA rocket with navigation satellite Michibiki-3 under the payload fairing is delayed due the poor weather conditions at Yoshinobu Launch Complex at Tanegashima Space Center.

Launch of the H-IIA rocket with Michibiki-3 was planned originally for Friday, August 11th, to 05:00 UTC. Unfortunately poor weather conditions. Rocket is still inside vertical assembly building with roll out planned for late Friday.

Rocket manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. is 53 m long with total mass of  445 t. In 204 configuration rocket is equipped with 3.7 m payload fairing (with payload to GTO at 6 t)  and four Solid Rocket Boosters in A variant. Boosters are fueled with HTPB and are providing 2260 kN of thrust each. Rocket has two stages, first is powered by LE-7A engine burning LOX/LH-2 and providing 1098 kN of thrust. Second stage is powered by single LE-5B engine also fueled with LOX/LH2 with thrust of 137 kN.

Michibiki-3 is third from constellation of four satellites operating under  Quasi-Zenith Satellite System. System will support navigation services over Asia and Pacific region where high mountains and sky crappers can jam standard signal provided by GPS satellites remaining low on the horizon. First Michibiki was launched in September 2010, second was delivered also on the top of the H-IIA in June this year. Last spacecraft will be launched before end of the 2017.