JAXA launched yesterday at 07:44 UTC first in 2017 H-IIA rocket. This time vehicle delivered to orbit military communications satellite DSN-2.

This launch was part of whole program, which assumes to decreasing dependence of Japan  from foreign satellites specially in case of national security. DSN-2 satellite was launched to orbit by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries H-IIA rocket from Tanegashima Space Center placed on an island over the Pacific ocean, in southern Japan. Due the confidential character of the mission flight plan and time of deploying satellite remained a secret, but already after liftoff it was easy to spot, that long for 53 m rocket turned east just after launch Рthis direction is always set when H-IIA is delivering payload to GTO orbit. Also fact, that rocket was launched in heaviest 204 configuration was giving reason to assume, that satellite was placed on Geostationary transfer orbit with altitude of 35000 km. Also JAXA admitted, that satellite was deployed at 08:18 UTC after two burns of the upper stage, what confirms GTO as objective of the flight. In following week satellite will change orbit from elliptical to circular with altitude of around 35800 km. In following weeks satellite will perform in-orbit tests and after that it will start to provide X band communication services for Japanese Defense Forces.

H-IIA rocket in 204 configuration is long for 53 m with 4 m of diameter and launch mass at 443 t. It is supported during start by 4 boosters . It is supported during launch by four SRB-A3 solid fueled boosters (HTPB). They are generating total thrust of 9220 kN. Each booster is long for 15 m with diameter of 2.5 m and weight at 306 t. First stage of the rocket is equipped with two LE-7A engines (fueled with LH2/LOX) providing thrust at 2196 kN. It is long for 37.2 m and its diameter is 4 m and weighs 114 t. Upper stage is powered with LE-5B engine with thrust at 137 kN. It is shorter and narrower than first stage, with length of 9 m and diameter at 4 m; it weighs 14 t. Rocket with strongest SRB-A3 boosters is able to deliver to GTO 6 t of payload.