The never before seen wildfires which have been declared the deadliest of all times by the authorities have offered a topic for debate to the officers. Who is to blame for the tragedy is uncertain, but the damage caused will remain. The prime minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras took the responsibility on Friday while addressing other venerable entities. The opposition has given bitter remarks about what happened and is playing a blame game. It was said that Arson was the reason behind the fire, initially but later this was ruled out. Nikos Toskas, who is the Deputy Citizen Protection Minister announced Arson to by the key element behind the fires and for killing more than 87 people. While, in the cabinet meeting, which was broadcasted live on Friday, the country’s Prime Minister acknowledged and accepted the political responsibility for such a disaster. 

The fire was lit up in the east of Athens and destroyed everything in its way. Even identifying dead bodies was difficult since the bodies were completely burned. Owing to carbonization, the task of identifying the people whose bodies have been found could not be accomplished until now. The possible criminal acts behind this tragedy are being investigated and the anger of the public is at its peak. The government has however released a fund of 40 million European dollars for relief and several volunteers are engaged in the rescue work. The Defence minister Panos Kammenos also visited the site. He was welcomed with taunts and criticism by the residents. The natives were furious as they believe that the government left them to God’s Mercy and did not offer sufficient help.

The images from the satellite suggest that thirteen fires broke out at the same time in Attica on Monday. And the government is considering the illegal construction one prime factor for the disaster. The defense minister stated that majority of the houses built near the coast were made without proper licensing and not following the rules has cost them their lives. Poor urban planning and lack of appropriate channels for evacuation or rescue made it impossible to reach the affected areas. 

The city has seen its annihilation and doom. It will need to be recreated again, said one of the authorities. As per the government, the common masses are putting the responsibility on the government while they did not abide by the rule of not constructing congested structures near the combustible forests. Whatever the outcome be, more than 88 lives have been lost in Greece alone and the reason is yet to be identified.