Richard Branson’s fitness and rigorous space training are in full swing. It does seem realistic now that he would be travelling to space soon! The business tycoon plans to be aboard soon, and his plans of flying to outer space in ‘months’ seem cast in stone. 

Branson has been cycling and playing tennis to prepare himself for the big trip. His exercise regimen may seem to be immature and rigorous, but the fact remains that future space travellers may require having the same fitness level. 

Virgin Galactic plans to rip through the atmosphere at twice the speed of sound which puts a lot of pressure on the body. As for zero gravity, it is the opposite. 

As per NASA, without the constant force of gravity, the healthy and young astronauts lose their bone density. It could lead to breaks and even makes the bones too brittle. Since there is no gravity in outer space, the muscles do not have to work hard which makes them weak. 

If you wish to travel to outer space like Richard Branson, you would need to meet the required fitness levels. NASA puts all the future travelers on a workout schedule before the space flight. It will only consider candidates, who have a blood pressure of 140/90. In the first month of training, the candidates would need to pass a swimming test in which they have to swim till about 75 meters without stopping or getting tired. Later, you would need to swim back in a 280-pound suit and shoes. It sounds grueling, but that’s the test! 

According to European Space Agency, candidates who are too muscular may have problems in space. The agency allows people who are in shape to travel to space. 

However, it could be possible that the private spaceflight company may not have such strict standards of health of the candidates. In case you are thinking about traveling to space, you need to keep Science in your mind. It may seem like a fancy idea to travel to outer space, but it is not going to be too easy! 

Branson has not given any specific health requirements to those who have pre-purchased the tickets. But he is taking his training seriously and is not leaving any stone unturned.