These days, commercial space travel has made possible and easy. Thanks to the quick technological advancement in aerospace industry and a great shift on how such technologies are funded. Before space programs have been affected by the budget constraints in the government. But now, there are billionaires that started investing in the field. That is why private space travel emerges and the way people perceive the universe has drastically changed.

Despite the public funding, there is no guarantee for a successful space program. The current administration in each country needs to identify how to manage priorities. Any attempt to commercial space travel drives competition, bringing new opportunities for funding enthusiasm from privately owned companies. As these private service providers get paid to bring people or things into space, burdens are shifted away from most government space programs. One of the best examples is NASA.

With the recent advancements in robotics, communication, propulsion methods and rocket-tracking technology, commercial space travel become a reality. Traditionally speaking, astronauts have undergone a further training to get physically or mentally prepared before. However, today, there are already automated spacecraft. For that reason, anyone can travel beyond the Earth.

Kinds of Commercial Space Travel

If you have the wealth to travel anywhere, there is not a farther destination than space. Space tourism started in 2001. The first space tourist that had visited the International Space Station on a Russian Rocket is Dennis Tito. He paid $20 million before he was able to witness the ISS. Since then, there have been billionaire tech entrepreneurs that have been responding to this industry. As a matter of fact, many companies have already laid out plans for bringing people to the lower orbit of the Earth.

Another type of commercial space travel is a contracted government work. When the shuttle program of NASA ended in 2011, the private companies of today are compensated to bring people or even cargo to space. Because of the rocket launching satellites, recent space programs must focus on the development of spacecraft as well as rockets for more impressive and stress-free missions in the future.

Plus, it increases economic benefits. It gives thousands of suppliers the chance to work across crew spacecraft systems throughout the US. Moreover, commercial services play a vital role in private corporations that deliver satellites to space. These are tools created for easy navigation, mapping, television, internet, communication, and aerial photography.