Dr. Ellen Stofan, the former NASA chief scientist, will become the very first woman to lead the National Air and Space Museum, which was announced by the Smithsonian Institution last Thursday. 

While at the NASA, Dr. Stofan was known as a top and amazing adviser to Charles F. Bolden Jr. She also served as the administrator of the department that helped the development of a long-term and effective plan to bring humans to Mars. She also has a background in geology. 

David Skorton, the Smithsonian Institution director, said that Ellen has extensive, scientific background, paramount communication acumen, effective leadership skills, and strategic thinking that made her the top candidate to be the leader of the National Air and Space Museum. He also added that she has an undying passion for science in addition to her love towards education. With her proven track record of success, the museum will be a global treasure as well as a world leader in the near future. It is going to be a NASM with an in-depth programming, scholarships, and exhibitions along the way. 

The world of space has been a part of her life for quite a few years now. Even at the age of 4, she was able to launch her first rocket at Cape Canaveral. Having a father that was a rocket scientist at NASA, the blood of a true scientist runs in her veins. The event has given her the opportunity to have a big break in her career at a young age. 

Dr. Stofan said that it is an honor for her to be a part of the National Air and Space Museum. “Not only space but also the aviation will inspire the future generation of explorers. There is no better place to have a first-hand experience than a museum, “she also added. 

Dr. Stofan will be joining the museum when there is a high interest in the world of space from the public. Recently, a new budget of $1 billion signed by Donald Trump, US President, would totally help the entire NASA. Along with her duties, she will oversee the big institution with over 300 employees. She would also manage a budget of $48 million with which the 70% comes from the federal appropriations. 

Dr. Stofan is indeed the best candidate for the position. Her experience as a scientist made her a qualified leader!