Two commercial imaging satellites from Gaojing-1 series deployed prematurely after launch on 28 December 2016 seems to work correctly and already send first pictures. 

Satellites finally managed to reach correct position in orbit and pass all necessary tests. Chinese news agency Xinhua announced yesterday, that both satellites send first pictures taken with 0.5 m resolution with onboard panchromatic device. Additional multispectral imager operating with resolution of 2 m is also working properly and took first pictures.

On first pictures provided by CNSA and operator of the satellites, China Siwei Surveying and Mapping Technology Co. Ltd (subsidiary of CASC) it is possible to spot tourists sightseeing Potala Palace in Tibet Autonomous Region.

Satellites were launched from LC9 complex at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on the top of the Long March 2D rocket. Due the not sufficient thrust of the first stage their were deployed on 213 km x 524 km orbit. Using onboard propulsion designed as maneuver thruster and utilizing probably most of fuel both spacecrafts managed to reach almost perfectly designated orbit (circular LEO with altitude of 500 km) on 2 January 2017.