After long break caused by investigating  reasons of poor performance of  second stage of Proton-M rocket during delivering Intelsat-31 communications satellite on June 9, 2016, Roscosmos declared recently that rocket will fly again in June 2017. Now we know, that it will be earlier – on 29th May 2017.

According to announcement given to TASS news agency by spokesman Igor Burenkov, Proton-M will be launched on 29th May 2017. Spokesman did not directly mentioned, that problems with engines provided by the Voronezh Mechanical Plant appeared during last flight, but confirmed, that Roscosmos was determined to check if any from delivered previously RD-210 or RD-211 engines was not directly affected with any flaws. until the end of 2017 Roscosmos is planning seven launched of Proton-M.

It is definitely great news for Echostar company – Echostar-21 satellites should be launched in 2016 but due the delay it was postponed for almost whole year – it was originally planned for June 25, 2016. Proton-M will be launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.